Greetings from the Blogosphere!


Please, excuse the sparseness of this site. I am currently trying to repair the damage caused by miscreants to my Ganymeder writing blog. The ganymeder link still directs there for (hopefully) a limited time, but I plan to redirect posts from there to this new blog. Frankly, I’m technically-challenged and don’t really have another solution at the moment. I apologize for any technical difficulties while I’m sorting things out.

If this is your first time visiting (either one of) my blog(s), WELCOME! My name is Catherine Russell. I am a writer with a few short story credits, currently putting the final formatting touches on my humorous science-fiction novel, as well as searching for an agent. As a general rule, I post flash fiction on my blog every Friday as part of the #FridayFlash writing community. Online I can be found under ganymeder on both Twitter and Facebook. I also recently started volunteering for Librivox, a site that gives away free public domain audiobooks.

Thank you, and I hope you visit again soon!

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