Tea Review: Take a Breath by Desert Sage Natural

Since I’ve begun getting loose tea every month from Desert Sage Natural, I thought I’d share my experiences on a monthly basis. My second shipment for the tea club was Take A Breath, an organic and Fair-trade black tea blend of Ceylon and Keemun.


This time I decided to set up a table in the family room. In the spirit of the recently begun holiday season, my family gathered downstairs to watch the Christmas classic Elf. After setting up our snacks and tea mugs on a tray, I brought down the freshly steeped pot of tea and joined my family watching the adventures of Buddy the Elf.


Since we were watching a movie, I chose to use tea mugs instead of tea cups. The larger volume seemed suitable for laying back on the couch and absorbing Christmas cheer. I used my blue (chosen in honor of the TARDIS) Teavana tea mug. While the dry tea was mostly dark with a few lighter colored leaves, the leaves produced a lovely amber brew which showed up nicely against the mug’s white interior. The taste–mild with no astringency or fruity elements–paired well with the tea biscuits, slice clementines, and salted chocolate I chose.


While these are wonderful snacks on their own, there is only one proper way to eat chocolate with hot tea. You take a bite of chocolate, hold it in your mouth, then drink some hot tea so that the liquid melts the chocolate as it slides down your throat. Trust me.

Of course, the perfect accompaniment to good tea is good company. Sitting downstairs, snacking and drinking and laughing at a funny movie with my family made my first experience with this new tea even more delicious. I hope you are able to enjoy this tea in a similar manner.



**I have not been compensated for this review. I am simply sharing my opinions.

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