National Grammar Day Haikus!

March forth on March fourth to celebrate the rules of the English language! And what better way to do that than by writing poems based on a Japanese form of poetry? After all, brevity is the soul of wit, and terrible punctuation makes you want to bash that wit to death with a large wooden mallet. So, let’s celebrate with some English language haikus!


Let’s eat, Grandma. Let’s

eat Grandma. Commas save lives,

but plague writers’ hearts.


Dashes and semi-

colons–or semicolons?

My headache ensues.


Misuse of dash or


dialogue mistakes…


The UK uses

single quotes, not double ones.

I get it now. Oops.


e e cummings would

have been arrested by the

grammar police now


Puns: the lowest form

of humor or the belly-

laugh of our language?


March forth on March fourth?

Pun and fun both rhyme for a

reason. Synonyms?


Poetry with rules

or defined by the breaking

of them? Conundrum.


**I had a #FridayFlash already written and partially edited, but then I realized today was National Grammar Day! I’ll post another flash story next week. I hope you enjoyed the irreverent poetry!



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