POEM: “Today the President”


I normally try to stay away from overly political topics, but this morning’s news was too much to not respond. Especially since I now have a draft age son, and it looks like the President could conceivably start a war with Mexico.


Today the President” 

Today the President
almost started a war
via Twitter.


Today the President
accused foreign soldiers
of protecting drug runners.


Today the President
said he’d send armed soldiers
to the border.


Today the President
turned a misunderstanding
into a taunt.


Today the President
put my son’s life in danger
not his own.


Today the President
is still the President
and still on Twitter.



If you are interested in the story, you may follow Trump on Twitter and also google multiple sources (to try to counteract bias) about the news story.



*image courtesy of BigFoto.com

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