Announcement: My New Patreon Page!


Patreon is a subscription site where creators provide content for a monthly subscription fee. It’s a modern low-key version of the patronage system that allowed Shakespeare and Michelangelo to do their work. Basically, it’s an opportunity to support someone whose work you enjoy, without needing to commit an exorbitant amount of money. Now, for the cost of a cup of tea (or less), you can support a creator, as well as enjoy additional members-only content available through her Patreon page.

I will continue my normal posts to this blog, once every other Friday, but now I will provide additional posts and monthly audio or visual content for Patreon subscribers. The details are on my Patreon page, as well as my introductory video. Please, check it out! Even if you don’t subscribe, I’m proud of the work I’ve put into the page and excited about my new projects!

Please, come back next week for another new poem. Thank you for visiting my blog, and have a lovely week!

POEM: “Unfinished”



*inspired by Douglas Adams’s intro to P.G. Wodehouse’s Sunset at Blandings


An intro written to the unfinished

novel of his literary idol,


included in the collection published

posthumously of his own unfinished




An author’s work is never done

Too soon it’s never finished


always .



Although I wrote it for a different reason, this poem seemed appropriate today, because tonight is the memorial open mic for local poet and awesome person, Vertigo Xi’an Xavier. He was a fixture in the Northeast Ohio poetry community and will be sorely missed.

I hope you enjoyed the poem, and please come back next Friday for (hopefully) some big news! In the meantime, have a lovely week.


**Image courtesy of via Creative Commons Universal License.

POEM: “Trump’s Greenland”


Trump’s Greenland


Trump’s Greenland

wouldn’t be dwarfed

by a golden Trump tower’s

glittering phallus

not compensating for anything at all.


Trump’s Greenland

would be a dream

capitalist utopia

except that everyone

would know he’s the best, they all would love him, all!


if only Greenland was Denmark’s to sell,

he could trade Puerto Rico for it.




Since this is more specifically political than I normally post, here is my common sense disclaimer: This is a joke, based on the President’s own tweets and words. One of his tweets that I based this joke on was a joke tweet he made about Greenland. The others were apparently completely serious. I’ve also included links, because I realize it’s hard to believe.

This post is in addition to my scheduled Friday post this week, because I frankly couldn’t resist. I hope you enjoyed the poem and come back tomorrow for my normally scheduled post: same Cat Time, same Cat Channel.

*image courtesy of via Creative Commons Universal License.

**additional source links

POEM: “A Few of my Favorite Things” *AND* an Announcement!


A Few of My Favorite Things


the smell of oncoming rain

as my hair is carried

by the wind rushing through

the car’s open window

at 45 mph


the ceramic and cloth

sculpture of a sandwich

no one will consume with anything

other than their eyes


the trade paperback of

Sylvia Plath poems

beckoning from a library’s

mid-level shelf


my husband’s smile

touching his eyes

caught off-guard

sipping from a frosted glass


the scent of jasmine

and fresh dark earth

as my sneakers squeak

on the way to a store


brimming with books,

pens and pencils and

bookmarks with optical illusions and

papers lined with flowing letters


the last of the

Mother’s Day chocolate

melting on my tongue

for breakfast



Tonight, if you haven’t already viewed my prominently displayed promo video, I will compete in Writing Knights sWord Fight against fantastic poet Adam Spells tonight!

Also, I’ve been making some practical (as well as cosmetic) changes to this site. While my Author Cat Russell site acts as my online resume, this site is my primary blog. I’m expanding my blogroll with additional links to markets where my work can be found, and I’ve added an additional page at the top (beneath the blog title) for Upcoming Appearances. So now my posts will simply be poems, flash stories, or non fiction.

Last month at the INKubator Writers Con, one of the workshops talked about Patreon being a possible source of revenue for content creators, so I’ve been researching how to create a successful Patreon account. I would still keep up my normal output for my blog (every two weeks), instagram, twitter, and FaceBook, but I would need to add incentives for supporters to pay a monthly fee for additional content or perks.

I am looking at incentives for different monthly tiers ($1, $5, $10) such as exclusive video or audio content, additional members only events and posts. I am open to suggestions; what type of monthly incentive/content would want to become a monthly Patreon supporter?

Currently, I’m working on a prose novel (or novelette, depending on length) of Greek mythology from Hera’s point of view, as well as writing poems and short stories. Soon I should have enough poems for another book. I’d also like to publish a collection of my short stories.

In my personal life, aside from poetry events and author fairs, I’ve been reading a lot. I’m currently reading Rikki Santer’s In Pearl Broth: Poems New and Selected, Wonder Woman volume 6: Children of the Gods, Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist, and Watchmen and Philosophy;** that last one I’ve been dipping into every so often, as the material requires more time to digest. I recently finished reading Desiree in Paris: Priestess of Magdalene, Shazam! volume 1, Laura Grace Weldon’s Blackbird (poetry anthology), and Before Watchmen: Comedian/Rorschach.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed the post, and remember–polite feedback is always appreciated! Have a lovely week, and please come back. 🙂


*promo video created with the help of my son, Christopher Russell, using CyberLink’s PowerDirector.

**This post was written early, so I have since finished a couple of those books and moved on to Wonder Woman volume 7: Amazons Attacked and an ARC of S.T. Hoover’s Hail to the King.