POEM: “Sound”




If a tree falls in the forest

        it makes a sound

even if there’s no  one

            there to hear its fall

even if we’re all

               too deaf to hear its fall

            It impacts the ground

            creates waves of sound

                upon the air we breathe

                          recycles breath of those long gone

of all who ever lived

    filters through the trees

        that sway in the breeze

            The tree lives



            with the same air

            impacts the same earth

                as everyone else


Its sound is the sound of the universe.



*image courtesy of publicdomainpictures.net via Creative Commons License.


2 thoughts on “POEM: “Sound”

    1. publicdomainpictures.net has a great selection of free photos for webpages and stuff. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. 🙂


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