POEM: “Shakespeare’s Writing Advice”

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com


Shakespeare’s Writing Advice


nothing will come of nothing

space eternally waits to be filled

we fill ourselves with our surroundings

immerse ourselves in the stuff of life

stuffing ourselves to draw out 

inner worlds sifted through our own lens.


brevity is the soul of wit

so cut what doesn’t add flavor, 

add to the plot, the tone, the gently sloping 

arc of character, retain the essence 

of each point–even if that point is only 

water is wet while air is sweet.


to thine own self be true

for every fiction is a truth disguised

the heart of humor is aggression

the essence of poetry is vulnerability

and courage breathes life into 

the creation of anything worthwhile.


context is not everything:

you must learn to read 

between the lines.



Today’s post comes a little later than usual due to personal reasons, so my next poem will drop next Friday instead of the week after. 

I hope you enjoyed the poem! Thanks for stopping by.

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