POEM:    “Oasis”



warm water streaming over strained muscles  taut with the tension of
 a thousand

   stir-crazed hours of intrusive solitude within a small space yet

     none purely owned by me excepting this waterproof box

           where for five too short minutes

                steam tingles wet skin

voice reverberates

                Beatles and Aretha

                          bounces against panels

                          of thin

      acrylic as


         suds wash my


       down the





                 bubbles...  .. .   .


Thank you for visiting my blog! I’ve been wanting a break from all the depressing news lately, so I thought I’d share this poem as (hopefully) a little break for you too: an oasis in this shared storm we’re all weathering. 

Wherever you are, stay safe, stay well, and read often!

*Image courtesy of www.publicdomainpictures.net via Creative Commons License.

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