POEM: “a shared cup”

Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com
a shared cup”      

first		we sit
place coats on backs of chairs
make ourselves comfortable
as we ease into place

talking of nothing
we let the tea steep
boiling water unfurls dried leaves
full green tips unfold their agony

within their porcelain prison
unleashing hidden flavors
they release the scent of Indian soil
beneath brilliant burning suns

the shared story of mankind sits between us
bequeathed by queens and kings, smugglers 
and emperors, peasant monks, campfire caravans, and rebels
that sparked revolution with midnight revels

each fragile china cup contains
a common history: tales of blood and war
served with sweetly savored cakes
to balance bitterness

we savor this small oasis in time
thirst for more than mere water
this still and quiet refuge made precious
by its rarity in our swift flowing universe

steam rises between us
our tongues release with gentle practice
we speak more deeply
with time and space enough	to breathe

each sip		a shared communion.


I know that last week I said I was switching to mostly current events and writing prompts, but I wanted to share this newly finished poem with you as soon as possible! 

Next Friday, I’ll also post on my Patreon.  If you’d like to read about my progress and plans for this year, as well as craft tips, you can subscribe to my Patreon and support my work for just $1 a month! Until next time, stay safe and well, and read often!


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