POEM: “sunflowers and soup”

sunflowers and soup”

rain does not touch these blooms
dried brightly, yet somehow sad
deprived of sun within hallowed walls
beneath thin glass that sunless 
shines only with the flash of a bulb

their Warhol-esque protest
a mockery of his work to bring
a bit of beauty into this broken world.
Gauguin would have been appalled

a century and more the oil-
based hues have blossomed,
brightly drooped within 
their mustard-colored vase
dark orbs studying what lies

below the sturdy wooden frame,
unblinking green lashes 
fringe each full round iris.
they embody both light and dark,
caught sunlight subdued by brush

an artist’s call: to make the world
more appealing or tell the truth
of existence despite its tragedy,
to capture its pleasure and pain
all within a simple wood frame

what do those dark orbs see
of humanity’s darker corners?
two young girls wasting soup 
in a world starved for understanding


*inspired by “Just Stop Oil activists throw soup at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers | Just Stop Oil | The Guardian

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