POEM: “watercolors”

Photo by Beckett on Pexels.com “watercolors” practice trains you to observe everyday details the exact blue of heaven isn’t blue it’s cobalt, azure, gold and scarlet, rose blooms into violet, silver marbles the horizon before blackest night awash in color Rorschachs blossom my mind’s edges cauliflower errors discover possibility fill each canvas with pauses lightening … Continue reading POEM: “watercolors”


POEM: “last year’s revels”

Photo by Charles Parker on Pexels.com “last year’s revels” the toddler rolls from bed, a ballerina princess excited for the special day ahead, anticipates her long-awaited party. strawberry-topped chocolate cake with a grape soda chaser, she’s fueled for festivity: rainbowed streamers wave above a table piled with gifts, sunshine yellow ribbon seals each shining gold … Continue reading POEM: “last year’s revels”