Tea Review: Jasmine Green by Desert Sage Natural


This review is a little late due to my valiant yet failing battles to fight seasonal allergies. How could I give an honest review when I couldn’t taste things properly? However, after heroic efforts on my part, I finally decided that I needed a really good cup of tea to overcome my difficulties…


By this time, I was mostly over my sinus troubles, but I was feeling very down for various personal reasons. Luckily, this green tea was every bit as soothing and comforting as I thought it would be.  Desert Sage’s Jasmine Green contains Genmaicha green tea, jasmine flowers, cornflowers, and nutmeg.


To prepare, I brought spring water to a fresh, light boil and poured over the leaves. After steeping for two minutes, the resulting brew had a pleasant yellow color and a light, vegetal scent and taste. The addition of some light agave nectar (think vegan honey) softened it nicely, though there had been no bitterness. I drank from a nice, large tea mug for the sake of comfort and–unusually–I did not prepare any snacks. By the time I had drunk the entire pot, I was feeling a bit more relaxed. I am not a huge fan of green teas, but I heartily endorse this particular blend.


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