Current Events: Literary Cleveland, INKubator, and More!



Since the #FridayFlash community seems to be slowing down, I will post flash fiction every other Friday. However, I will still read #FridayFlash via the links posted under the Twitter hashtag as well as on the FaceBook page. On the “off” Fridays, I will post about other things such as books I am reading, online resources for free fiction or writing advice, etc.

For any writers in the Cleveland area, on Saturday, July 30th, there will be a free writers’ conference at the Cleveland Public Library. The Cleveland writers’ group, Literary Cleveland, organizes this free event as well as several writing classes in the Cleveland area. If you would like to support the group financially as well as in spirit, there will be a fundraiser next Friday, on the 29th of July. The fundraiser will be held at Bop Stop (2920 Detroit Ave., Cleve. OH 44113) and cost $35 for non members. The group may also be found on social media such as Twitter and FaceBook.

The Writers’ Conference itself, INKubator, is held at the beautiful Cleveland Main Library and costs nothing, though registration (HERE) is required to gain access to the classes. There is a parking garage directly across the street that generally costs $5 for the entire day on Saturdays if you come early in the morning. Throughout the day, there will also be creators selling their wares, so if you’d like to show your support you can buy a book of poetry from a local writer! I like to bring my lunch so I can sit in the Eastman Reading Garden and meet local writers. There will also be poetry readings and an open mic period. Last year’s event was educational as well as inspirational.

To that end, I have begun submitting my work for publication again. If you know of an agent that’s interested in quirky and humorous science fiction, please let me know! Other than my ongoing agent search, I have been submitting a great deal of poetry to paying markets. One of my poems has been published in Poetry Quarterly this week, and I have sold another to a different periodical. If you would like to read my published poem, “Windings,” you can find it in the Summer 2016 issue of Poetry Quarterly here. Another poem, “tercet #3,” has been published by Three Line Poetry; the issue (#38) can be found here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and come back next week for some #FridayFlash fiction. Maybe I’ll even see you at INKubator next week! If not, have a lovely week.


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